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About Black Witch Raven

Breaking news: Keeping your fingers crossed makes no difference whatsoever to any outcome. But that doesn't mean that 'good luck' doesn't exist.

Are you unlucky? Do you need more Luck in your life?

Is your life stuck in a rut? Does it feel like you're always stuck in second gear? Are you tired of always losing? Tired of things never going your way? Do you wish, just for once, that things would work out in your favor? Do you want more luck in your life?

From job interviews to exam results, business start ups to sales meetings, I can increase your chances of a ongoing success and good fortune.

How this Good Fortune Spell works

To cast this spell I will need a recent photograph of yourself. Sometimes I need a lock of hair but most of the time that's not necessary.

After I've cast the initial spell, I will ask YOU to complete it. In addition you'll need to perform a simple five minute ritual each day to build on what we've done and make it stronger. Don't worry - it isn't difficult. But it does require *some* commitment from yourself - this isn't a spell that you can leave totally up to me to perform on your behalf.

Put Good Luck to work for you!

You'll feel the spell working within the first day or two, and the effects should last for many months, perhaps even years! From the littlest things -- always getting a good parking spot , catching all the green lights -- to the biggest things, like getting that job you're hoping for, or meeting the partner of your dreams. Everything will seem to go your way!

Is there anyone for whom the Good Luck spell won't work?


If you're hoping the Good Luck spell will enable you to win the lottery, make your partner more attractive, change the verdict of a jury, alter the results of a DNA test, make your favorite Hollywood Heart Throb fall in love with you... that ain't gonna happen. This is a Good Luck Spell. Not a Genie in a lamp. I'm fresh out of Genies. And lamps. Please don't ask for one.

Likewise, there's no point in giving me a list of things you want to happen, or need fixing. Especially if those things have deadlines. If your life has taken a turn for the worst, then this spell will gradually get you back on track. Think of it like a Sat Nav, taking you out of a bad neighborhood and showing you the way to better things. But you still have to make the journey. Sometimes that means continuing through the hood until you reach the other side, sometimes it means turning round and going back the way you came. Always it takes TIME!

Also the Good Luck Spell will not work if someone has cast a curse or hex on you. (If you think someone has put a curse on you, please read about my 'Remove Curse' Spell.)

However, if you're convinced there's no curse on you, then you're ready to benefit from a very powerful Good Luck spell!

Why should you choose me to cast a Good Fortune spell for you?

I am a Black Magic Witch, who specializes in powerful ancient spells and curses. I perform a variety of rituals that have been proven to work time and again, and that consistently channel powerful forces to change people's lives for the better.

The forces at work behind what I do are not easily understood by the average person, but the consistent results and sheer number of repeat requests for my services are proof enough. I perform all the rituals myself, but unfortunately I can only fulfill one spell or curse request each night, due to the intensity of the ritual, and the time spent personalizing it for each person.

For some, my services might be expensive...they are indeed among the highest on the internet. But there's a good reason for this. The spells that will be cast are powerful, intense, and extremely effective, and I always get results. Simply put - when a person of my experience and ability accepts your request for a spell or curse, you will get the result you desire.

Are you ready to have more Luck in your life?

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed
I pride myself on having many happy customers who come back time and time again, and recommend my services to friends and family.

Why wait a moment longer to have what you've been waiting for? I can help you TODAY.


Do not order a spell unless you are 100% certain you wish to proceed!

Black Magic is very real. It is not something that should be ventured into lightly, and once a spell is cast, often there is no stopping it. Black Magic can be extremely dangerous if used in the wrong way. As per the terms of this website, I shall not be held responsible for unforeseen outcomes of any spells and curses cast on behalf of clients.


* You may feel angry towards your partner now, but a revenge curse can sometimes lead to irreversible physical or mental injury. Could you live with that?

* Often times it is essential to break off all contact from the cursed in order to protect ourselves from dark, evil forces. Are you able to do that? Are you strong enough to walk away and let the curse take effect?

* Using Black Magic to bring back your ex might seem like a good idea now, but maybe the relationship was never really that great. Wouldn’t it be better to have me find you someone new?

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